Welcome to Vaibhav Electronics – game developers for iOS and Android devices.

Our portfolio of games for iOS includes strategy games, sports, puzzles, word games and general fun arcade games. Nearly all the games are “Universal Binaries“, which means that the game will run in fullscreen mode on iPads as well as iPhones and iPod Touch. The graphics of such games have been specially optimized for all Retina Devices to deliver the best visual experience. Also, the same game file can be installed on any device – you do not need to download a separate version for the iPad vs iPhone.

Check out the game links in the sidebar to view screenshots, details and specifications for a game. Every game is available for download on App Stores worldwide. The “Download from App Store” button at each game page will direct you to your local App Store.

Our new puzzle game Flockville, is now live on App Stores worldwide. With a user interface supporting local languages in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Click on the image below to get more details!


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For Android users, click on the icons below to view our complete portfolio on Google Play stores, or the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle Fire tablets and other non Google devices.