Lite Version: Free

Full Version: $0.99

Carrom is a popular board game similar to table games such as Pool, Billiards and Snooker. The game consists of 19 round discs (known as counters) on a square board which has 4 “pockets” at its corners. Instead of the Cue Stick of the table games, a heavier disc known as the Striker is used to hit the counters into the pockets. Players use their finger to “flick” the striker at the counters. Refer to the detailed rules below.


M-Carrom makes use of the iPhone’s delightful and simple touch interface to allow you to play the game similar to the way as you would on an actual carrom board. Simply use your finger to “flick” i.e. make a swipe motion over the striker in the direction you want. Realistic physics, audio and crisp, clear graphics make it an absorbing game to play. Whats more, you can even customize the board surface from smooth (easy) to rough (tricky).


With an average game duration of around 10 minutes, M-Carrom is the perfect pastime … anytime. The full version allows you to:

  • Test your skills in the Solo mode – finish the board in minimum number of strikes
  • Play against another friend on the same device
  • Play against the device in a choice of 3 difficulty levels
  • Game Center for best performances

Both the Lite and Full versions incorporate a separate Solo mode where the aim is to finish the board in the minimum number of shots. There is a universal binary for both the Lite and Full versions, for fullscreen mode on all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.

Each game you play will improve your skill. As you grow in confidence, take on the device in the Expert Mode (in full version). So far we have yet to defeat this opponent but its not impossible – remember it requires finesse and a bit of luck!



In the Two-Player mode, each player must pocket their color counters only. While playing against the device, the Human plays with the light counters (Player 1)

  • The light counters (Player 1) makes the first move
  • The turn remains with a player as long as they “pocket” a counter during the turn
  • The player with the current turn is highlighted in green
  • If a player pockets an opponent counter without pocketing his / her own counter in the same shot, then the turn passes to the opponent
  • If a player pockets the Striker, then one of their pocketed counters will be placed back on the board. The turn will pass to the next player
  • To take possession of the queen, a player must pocket one of their counters immediately after pocketing the queen, failing which the queen is placed back on the board
  • If a player pockets his / her counter along with the queen in the same strike, then the queen is awarded to the player
  • If a player finishes his / her counters while the queen is still on the board then that player loses the match
  • If a player finishes the opponent’s counters while the queen is on the board then the opponent automatically wins the match
  • The queen may be pocketed at any point during the match
  • There is no restriction on the direction of the strike
  • While positioning the Striker using the slider, it cannot be placed at a point where it touches any other counter. The slider will automatically re-adjust the Striker in such a case