Carrom Mania






Price: Free

Carrom is a board game similar to Pool, Billards and Snooker. Played on a flat surface, it consists of 19 discs (counters) and these must be hit using the striker Disc, into the 4 pockets at the corners of the board.




Carrom Mania will test your finesse and skill on your touchscreen device. A slick and super easy-to-use interface, that is tuned to simulate the feel of an actual Carrom game – First place two fingers anywhere on the screen and move them left or right to position the striker. Then use a single finger to swipe anywhere on the screen. The striker will move with the speed and direction of your swipe.














  • Use the Striker to knock the counters into the 4 pockets at the corners of the board
  • The Queen (pink counter) is a special counter. After pocketing the queen, it must be “covered”. This is done by pocketing another counter in the same or immediate next shot after the pocketing the queen. Else the queen returns to the center of the board.
  • The game cannot end while the queen is left on the board. If the last remaining counter is pocketed whilst the queen remains, the counter will return to the board.
  • If the striker goes into the pocket then one counter returns to the center as a “penalty” or “foul”
  • The striker can be “swiped” in any direction … including back shots

There are 3 game modes to play in –


Single Player. You must pocket all the counters in the least number of shots. The queen can be covered at any stage and using any coloured counter.


Single Player. There are 15 levels of increasing difficulty that you must clear. Each level consists of 1 or more counters that you must finish in the SPECIFIED number of target shots to clear the level. In case the queen is present, then it must be covered as per the above rules.


Two Player where you play against the computer (Device). You can choose from one of three different AI opponents. You have to finish the light colour counters before the computer finishes the dark colour counters. Note the following:

  • The queen must be covered for the game to end
  • A player can “cover” the queen at any stage. However the queen can be covered ONLY by that player’s coloured counters
  • If either player finishes off the other’s counters, then the other player automatically wins irrespective of the status queen