God Of The Rings







Price: Free

Can you imagine what it’s like to turn a game on its head? Here’s your chance to do it over and over again. God of the Rings is a cool word game yet that will have you in a spin … quite literally! Just rotate the alphabet rings so that the letters falling on the center slots form a valid word. Do it faster, better, and as it gets tougher – become the God of the Rings!


  • Use the Hints button (on the top right of the screen with a bulb icon) if you get stuck
  • The Hints button rotates one of the rings to its correct position. You have 3 Hints for use anytime during a match. Once a hint is used up, you can regain it by solving a subsequent round in 30 seconds or less.
  • You can choose to play in Fixed or Increasing Difficulty modes. In the Fixed mode, every round will contain a word of the length you specify (4 letters, 6 letters or 8 letters). In the Increasing Difficulty Mode, the game starts with 4 Letter words and gradually increases as you progress

So what are you waiting for? Its your turn – after all, in God of the Rings it always is!