Reverse Chess




Price: Free

Fast and exciting – Reverse Chess is one of the most popular variants of Chess. It is played in many countries under different names including Antichess, Suicide Chess, Loser’s Chess, Killer Chess and Shmess.

The rules and movements of pieces are identical to those in conventional chess but with an added twist – it is mandatory to capture an opponent piece during a move if possible. The winner is the player who gets all their pieces captured first or is unable to move during their turn (i.e. conditions of stalemate).

The King is like any other piece and the game does not get over if the King is captured. There is no castling or check. Furthermore, pawns can be promoted to any piece irrespective of numbers.

The average game lasts around 10 minutes and you’ll be surprised how quickly the advantage moves from one player to the other. Be careful – one false move and the whole game can slip away from you before you even realize it. Keep in mind that pieces that are useful in conventional chess may not be so in this version and vice versa.

So remember – Winning at Chess is tough, but losing can be tougher!


  • 3 computer opponents to play against
  • Separate mode for playing against a human opponent
  • Option to undo all moves made during the game
  • Available in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish
  • Compatible with all major Android devices