Price: Free 

Tough to find a NEEDLE in a HAYSTACK? It would be – there aren’t any common letters!

But try Acewordy – the game where words are jumbled in a grid. Find the word, form it, look for the next. When you form a word, then its letters disappear and those above fall down to take the removed letters place.

Careful though, the grid is always moving upwards, and you don’t want the top letters to go through the roof!


Horizontal, vertical, diagonal – the chain of letters could be hiding in any direction as long as successive letters remain adjacent to the previous. Look sharp, be wise. Rather, be Wordly Wise.


  • Start off with the Easy mode
  • Swipe over a row (or column) to replace the alphabets in that row (or column). This is known as a “Flip”. There are 5 flips available at the start of a game. The flip count increases each time you make a 6 letter word or longer
  • As the letters rise, try to make words that include a letter from the highest column. This will reduce the letters in this column, giving you more time to discover new words
  • You can use any letter in the highest column – it is not necessary to use the topmost letters to reduce the letters in a column
  • It is easiest to create 3 letter words (Easy mode). You can quickly create 3 or 4 letter words to reduce the highest column of letters, thereby prolonging the gameplay
  • To create long words, look for common suffixes – e.g. -ING, – ISH, IES, IER. If you spot a suffix then you can work backwards to create a long word
  • Likewise, two adjacent Ts (-TT-) are found in many common words. It is easier to create 6 letter words if you use such patterns
  • Longer words fetch more points
  • Use the letter “S” to increase the length of a word by forming a plural
  • Combine multiple letters having bonus (Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word) to get more points. For e.g., if you use two letters that have Triple Word, then the overall points of the word are multiplied by 3 x 3 = 9