Brew The Word




Price: Free

Enjoy Anagrams? Or crosswords? Here is a simple game that combines the best of both – Just arrange the given jumbled letters on the given crossword layout, to form valid words.













A host of features make Brew The Word a must have for every word game fan!

  • 5 different levels of difficulty to test your prowess. Work your way up from the 6 to the 10 letter puzzle modes.
  • A new, separate Increasing Difficulty mode where the number of alphabets per round increases as you progress through the game
  • Hundreds of puzzles in every level, with different configurations, to provide endless hours of fun
  • Global Leaderboards for you to compare your scores with players worldwide*
  • Automatic Save / Resume of interrupted matches so you’ll never lose your hard earned score
  • Additional option to play without a time limit

* Global High Scores are applicable only for Game Center players. If you are signed out of Game Center, then your scores will be stored and automatically uploaded to Game Center when you choose to sign in