Chicken Chess



Price: Free

Did you ever imagine that a game of chess could be fast, exciting and demand full concentration all the way through?

Welcome to Chicken Chess – Easy to learn and fun to play! Also known as Suicide Chess, Reverse Chess and Anti-Chess.

All pieces move according to the rules of conventional chess. The winner is the one who finishes off their pieces first, or reaches a stage when they can make no further move.

Keep in mind the most important rule of the game – if at any stage your piece(s) can capture an opponent piece(s) then it is mandatory for you to complete the capture. You may of course, choose which out of the available captures to execute. And relax – there is no time limit per move. However you’ll be surprised at how quickly the game reaches the end. One small mistake … one false move – and the whole game will slip away from you in a matter of seconds!


A few points to note:

  • The King is like any other piece. The game does not end if the King is captured. Naturally – castling and check have no meaning in this game.
  • A pawn that reaches the opposite last row can be upgraded to any piece, irrespective of the numbers of such a piece currently on the board
  • En-passant is not permitted in this game

Be warned that pieces that are very important in conventional chess may be a huge liability in this version. Go ahead and discover the unique intricacies and strategies for Chicken Chess.


  • 3 difficulty modes to play against the Computer
  • Separate Two Player mode for playing against your friends
  • Unlimited Undo of moves
  • Universal binary for fullscreen mode on all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch


  • Tap the piece to be moved and then tap the destination square
  • Use the Settings menu to choose difficulty level and audio setting
  • When a pawn reaches the opposite end row, it must be upgraded. The available piece types are flashed on the square occupied by this pawn. Tap on the desired type to finish the upgrade.