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Welcome to Gridwordy – the game where words are jumbled in a grid. Find a word, form it, look for the next. When you form a word, then its letters disappear and the ones above drop down to replace them. Fresh letters enter to keep your grid full.

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal – the chain of letters could be hiding in any direction as long as successive letters remain adjacent to the previous.

And that’s not all – swipe over a row or column to shift its letters around and open up new possibilities to find hidden words.

Customise the background colours to suit your preference. Multiple time modes and grid sizes provide endless hours of gameplay.

So look sharp, be wise. Rather, be Wordly Wise. And earn the ultimate distinction for making the longest word!















  • Sign in to Game Center to view global leaderboards and earn achievements
  • Words of 3-12 letter length are accepted in the game