Price: Free

Thanks to all our customers for their invaluable suggestions and criticisms. Pow-Word now includes a new game mode that mixes the 6 and 7 letter modes and increases the difficulty as you progress.

The objective – Form as many words from the given set of jumbled letters in each round. Your score is carried forward until you are unable to form the longest word within a round.

Simple controls and a host of features make Pow-Word a very addictive game and a great way to improve your vocabulary.

Additional Features:
– Choose between 6 and 7 letter difficulty modes
– Separate “Mixed” mode that combines 6 and 7 letter rounds
– Choice of two dictionaries – the Students dictionary with standard English words and a more comprehensive Teachers dictionary based on the SOWPODS list
– Option of an unlimited time mode
– Separate leaderboards for all modes for you to compare scores with players worldwide
– Lookup word meanings at the end of each round